General Data Protection Regulation c.d. GDPR


The site belongs to OURCODE SRL with registered office in Via Guido d'Orso 40b, 91026, Mazara del Vallo (TP), VAT number: 02789320815.

This document describes how to manage the sites and services belonging to OURCODE SRL, with reference to the personal data of visitor or registered users who consult or purchase the software and services offered in our e-commerce.

Navigation on our site is free, therefore some services require online registration by the user. Registration takes place through a form that the user fills out with his personal data, some are mandatory to log in to his personal area (username + password) where he can use the services dedicated to registered users.

The general information is provided pursuant to the GDPR regulation that came into force in 2018 "Regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data" to all users who access the proposed web services on electronically.

The information is also inspired by Recommendation no. 2/2001 which is used by the European Data Protection Authorities and the processing of the same when users connect to web pages.

With regard to Directive 2009/136 / EC consult the Cookies page where the new rules are specified in this regard.



The computer systems and software procedures necessary for the operation of the website during their operation are able to perceive personal data whose transmission can take place through internet protocols. These are not data collected to make identifications, but through processing processes they can be held by third parties and are useful for identifying the PCs that connect to the site. Among the types of data we are discussing are the IP addresses or domains of the PCs used by users to connect to websites. The data in question could only be used to obtain static information in anonymous format to verify the use of the website and verify its correct functioning. The data could be useful in case of detection of computer crimes or damage caused to the site.

The data that are necessary are those used for the purchase phase and registration. The refusal to communicate the data on where it is required where some must be provided compulsorily makes it impossible to collect the same and the procedures aimed at purchase or registration cannot be completed.

Other data on which there is no obligation can be omitted and do not entail any kind of consequence.

The management of data belonging to third parties is exclusively at the expense of the user who made the purchase or registration through the data belonging to another subject, so they must have the consent of the interested party to perform the operations that involve the use of data on . The person who enters the data belonging to other legal or physical entities is solely responsible for any communications and in case of improper use they face the sanctions or penalties related to the law of data violations.


Your personal data are collected and used in the following ways in :

  • Purposes for the use of our online services or assistance for the management of each profile, administrative, technical or legal following a commercial contract;
  • For strictly related activities to meet the proposals requested by the registered user;
  • For the detection of the degree of preference of users on the quality of services;
  • For commercial communications for marketing purposes with the use of both electronic and telematic channels (email, sms…);
  • To improve the experience on for commercial proposals useful for the interest of users, profiling can take place through third-party cookies (and it is advisable to consult the Cookies Policy page);

In the first two points the provision of data is optional but may be necessary for the release of access credentials and for the use of such data consent is not required.

In the third point consent is not required, while for points four, fifth and sixth the consent for the processing of data is optional, in the latter point the data can be requested for a specific procedure such as filling out a contact form.

In case of denial of some of the aforementioned consents OURCODE SRL owner of will process the data only for the actions not denied, such as those that are mentioned in the third point described above.


This area is attributable to the owner

The data may be used by OURCODE SRL owner by a person in charge who has been given directives also by third-party companies working on behalf of OURCODE SRL who carry out the work of external managers and are under the direction of OURCODE SRL.

Within the corporate group for accounting purposes.

In addition, the data may be transmitted to: for the processing of electronic invoices;

PayPal: for credit card payment processing;

Hostinger: for the processing of data on the site during registration and purchase;

Gmail: for sending communications and licenses;

 DISSEMINATION OF DATA ABROAD is an e-commerce that operates all over the world so the data can be transmitted abroad or in Europe only for the reasons described in the section "SCOPE OF DATA CIRCULATION" and only for activities related to OURCODE SRL, in which case the entities act as data processors and data protection, moreover, your data are not subject to dissemination to unauthorized or unattended recipients.



  • E-mail address ;
  • Password(this is automatically generated and sent to the e-mail address)


  • E-mail address;
  • Password;

The subscription to the newsletter can take place during registration near the words "I want to receive special offers and be informed about promotions and news!", by ticking the square you agree to receive promotional emails while the empty square indicates the non-adhesion so in this case no promotional email will be sent.


Once you have put the cart software the required data will be as follows:

In billing details you must fill in the following forms:

-In the first drop-down menu you have to choose the following options:

Company, Associations/Bodies, Public Administration, Private, Freelancer;

-Email address;

-Company name;

-VAT number;

-Fiscal Code;

-PEC address;

-Recipient Code;




– Street and number;

-ZIP code;


– Province;


The two words in correspondence of the squares are used for subscribing to the newsletter and for creating an account, both actions are not necessary because they are not mandatory you can continue without entering anything.


If you make payments by credit card you will proceed by PayPal you must enter the required data and it is a necessary action in order to make the transaction in our favor to allow the user to use the requested service.

The Bank details for the Bank Transfer are provided by us after selecting the same payment method.

One of the options that is mandatory is the acceptance of the terms and conditions that can be obtained by ticking on "I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the website *", non-membership will not allow you to place the order requested by you.

According to the laws prepared by the GDPR, each user can exercise their rights over the processing of data. The information below provides you with all the information on the rights exercised regarding the data by the user.


With regard to the processing of personal data, the Data Controller informs you that the storage of them does not last long but will be processed and collected only for the activities that require them.

You can also exercise the following rights during the data processing phase:

  • Confirm the existence or not of the data and know its content and their origin;
  • You can request the correction of incorrect data or integrate data that are incomplete or request the updating of saved data;
  • By making use of Article 18 of the GDPR , you can obtain the limitation of processing;
  • Using Article 17 of the GDPR paragraph 1, letter a) b) c) e) d) f) you can request the cancellation of your data;
  • Using Article 21 paragraphs 2, 3 and 22 of the GDPR , you can oppose the processing of data also for legitimate reasons;
  • You can revoke your consent to the processing of data required for certain services or features at any time;
  • It can request the release of personal data in a format that falls within the standards of computer applications to allow the transfer of the same to other platforms without any impediment by the owner;

The choice to exercise the following rights must be expressed to the owner:

You can receive information by calling the direct number 09231959729 or by writing an email to the following address: [email protected] .

To keep up to date on the processing of personal data visit the following page:

We remind you that the user using articles 16 and 17 of the GDPR, can request the cancellation of the newsletter, by contacting us at the direct number 09231950729 or at the email address: [email protected] .

In case of failure to respond to the owner for the requests made by you in the field of processing personal data, you can request a complaint from the guarantor for the protection of personal data as required by Legislative Decree. 196/2003 of the GDPR.