Returns and Refunds

If the purchased product does not work, will I be able to get a refund?

Yes, in case of unsolvable problems with a software and if our support team will not be able to help, you can get a refund or replacement of the software (you can choose any product of equal value).Obtaining the refund is possible only after the control of our technicians, if the software has been tampered with or the license has not been installed according to our instructions or the installation has not been successful due to software malfunctions not due to our intervention, if one of the following conditions occurs the refund will not be issued.

Will I be able to get technical support?

Yes, we will help you download, install and activate the purchased program, but we cannot teach you how to use the purchased product.

How to contact the technical support team?

In case you have any problem with the license key, please contact our support team via one of these channels:

  1. You can contact us on our [email protected] email
  2. You can contact us at our direct number: 0923 1950729
  3. You can contact us on social media

When will I receive the money in case of reimbursement?

If you use PayPal, the money will be refunded to your account immediately.

In case of credit card, about 2-4 working days (depends on your bank)

In case of bank transfer card, about 2-4 working days (depends on your bank)